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Adventure on the High Seas

Galleons, naval warfare, advanced fishing & more..

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Imbuing, Staining, Basket Weaving,
Advanced fishing, cooking and more!

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  • Imperium is currently undergoing development. Feel free to discuss our ongoing development with us on our forums!
  • Please be aware that our site is currently undergoing development as well. Pages, articles, features, etc may not work correctly.


Experience the game that started it all - triumph and failure, risk versus reward. Imperium is packed with custom content, but we're constantly refining all other content for era accuracy.


Imperium's framework is heavily customized specifically for our community. Invest a little of your time with us, and you'll fall in love. We offer a little bit of everything, for everyone.


Guaranteed monthly publishes (mostly weekly), that is sure to keep content fresh and intriguing for new and veteran players alike. New spawns, new systems, new goodies.


Stable core, dedicated host, spectacular sites, and a competent Staff team comprised of a driven and spirited group of individuals. Our community is always evolving, and a perfect place to call home.

Who Will You Be?

Keeping with the latest expansions, you're able to select between any Race (Human, Elf, or Gargoyle), and be whomever you want to be. Create, build, and maintain your character in an immersive world that you'll live and BE in. Be a Tamer, Craftsman, Trader, Explorer, Fisherman, Shop Owner, Treasure Hunter... you can even opt to hunt down other players for their heads. Anything is possible!

Conquer The World..

Do it alone, or join the ranks of a guild with your friends. We've made a number of significant improvements to the guild system to make teamwork an unparalleled experience. Take over a city, establish government, levy tax and wage war on all who oppose you. If you opt to go it alone, all of the spoils belong to you! Every move you make today, will decide your future of tomorrow.

Absolute Control!

On Imperium, you can do anything, be anyone, at any given time. No restrictive templates, no leading mandatory quests, and never any required time investment. As you evolve, so too will the community around you. Personal skill actually matters here! Build a home, create a guild, overtake a faction.. your choices never end. You have complete control over your world and your experiences.

Imperium In-Depth

ImperiumUO is a stable community that has been available to our players for well over two years, primarily focused on an innovative concept of EA accuracy. We've recently purged inactive accounts and wiped the slate clean for an entirely fresh take on Imperium's content.

  • SA/HS Content (nearly complete, Galleons available)
  • Monthly Publishes w/ detailed logs
  • Default Skill/Stat Caps
  • Default House/Follower Caps w/ additional obtainable slots
  • Unique skill/stat gain system. Accelerated combat gains, slower crafting gains to ensure crafting maintains quality and value
  • Anti-Rail system, no AFK Gathering
  • Balanced Felucca ruleset (No Trammel facet, all facets are Fel Rules except Ilshenar and "havens" inside PvP facets)
  • PvP Points & Bounty System
  • PvM Points & Reward System
  • Vote for us daily, and be rewarded for it!
  • Enhanced Taming BODs
  • Resource Order Deeds (earn rewards for the grind)
  • Custom Crafts/Professions
  • Trademark progressive spawns
  • Dozens of Events
  • Advanced Fishing w/ tournaments

You'll find a plethora of gorgeously designed dungeons, unique server locations, and more. ImperiumUO is all about providing era accuracy with its own twist. A little bit of everything, for everyone.. provided for the players, by the players.

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