2,000 Sovereigns

After purchasing this product, a sovereigns voucher will be manually deposited into your bank account. Double-clicking this voucher will redeem the sovereigns and add them to your virtual wallet.

Spending your sovereigns:

  1. Click the Ultima Store button found in the menu (same menu that contains buttons for the map, paperdoll, journal).
  2. This will open a gump that allows you to buy and search for the in-game items you wish to purchase with your sovereigns.
  3. Selected items will go into a cart which you will be able to view and/or adjust or remove the items from the cart.
  4. Click Buy after reviewing your cart and the sovereign amount in the top left of the gump will be adjusted to show you the remaining amount available.
  5. These items you have purchased will automatically be added to your backpack.

Sovereigns are non-refundable and not for real-world resale.


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