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Playing on Imperium, and the use of our other services, is a privilege not a right. This privilege can be revoked at any time at the sole discretion of Imperium Staff, regardless of a player’s status within the community and/or donations made.

In effect: April 27, 2014
Last update: August 12, 2020

The following rules are subject to change. It is your responsibility to be up to date on the current Terms of Use for Imperium UO.

By downloading our client and logging into our gaming service or communication channels (forums, Discord), you are agreeing to the Terms of Use for Imperium. If any of these rules are broken, an administrator may terminate your account(s) immediately.

Staff have the discretion to investigate behavior that they deem suspicious. Players shall cooperate with all Staff requests and assist in their investigation as asked. Failure to provide requested information and/or attempts to subvert Staff investigations may be assumed as an admission of guilt and result in disciplinary action.

Imperium Staff will not replace lost characters, accounts, or anything owned or possessed by a particular character or account, including-but not limited to-items, achievements, pets, ships, houses, or guilds, unless their loss is determined to be primarily caused by a glitch or bug in the game, or the result of Staff error. In the event of a compensable loss, Imperium Staff will attempt to correct the loss to the extent that it is feasible without disrupting the service of the server and continuity for other players.

These rules apply to anyone using your account. You are personally responsible for the consequences (including the termination of your account) that may result if any such person breaks these rules. For that reason, we encourage you to not share accounts, never share your password, and change your passwords frequently. A Staff member will NEVER ask you for your password.

These rules apply to all forms of Imperium communication, including the forums and Discord.

If you would like to report a rule being broken, please contact Alator via Discord or e-mail at Please provide proof in the form of screenshots or videos if no member of Staff was present.


Shard, Gameplay & Community Rules: 

  1. Account, Housing & Character Restrictions
    • Each player is allowed 2 accounts with 7 characters per account, per IP/household, and 1 house per account.
    • Account sharing is not permitted.
    • One player may only use 2 accounts total. If you are found to be linked to more than 2 accounts, all accounts are subject to be removed.
    • a) Player vs. Monster (PvM) 
      • Multi-client use is allowed in PvM. This means a player may have more than one account logged into Imperium at a time, and use up to 2 accounts simultaneously while fighting against non-player characters/monsters.
    • b) Player vs. Player (PvP) 
      • Multi-client PvP is not allowed.  This includes dealing damage from two or more characters simultaneously, walling, blocking, revealing, hiding, healing, resurrecting and issuing aggressive pet commands.
      • You may not seek out PvP encounters using multiple clients.
      • Using more than one account in a PvP scenario will result in a 30 day ban. 
    • c) Ships
      • Multi-client PvP is allowed, so long as players are following these guidelines:
        • Players may have up to 2 characters on a single ship.
        • Players may occupy multiple NPC ships simultaneously, but a single player’s IP cannot embark or board onto more than one Player ship at any time
        • Players found to be circumventing IP based ship restrictions restrictions in any way (including but not limited to: exploit/bug, VPN use, extra/illegal accounts) will have all of their accounts permanently banned. 
    • d) Housing 
      • A single player may own up to 2 houses spread over 2 accounts.
      • Any player found to own more than 2 houses will be permanently banned. 
      • Housing may not be placed within specific Points of Interest
      • House placement requires 4 spaces between placed houses, and must be passable on all sides.
    • Exceptions to Restrictions 
      • Please contact an administrator if you have special circumstances (such as a family playing together, or roommates.) Proof will be required.
  2. AFK/Unattended Gameplay
    • AFK/unattended resource gathering is prohibited.
    • We have a CAPTCHA in place for resource gathering which will result in a harvesting lockout if failed repeatedly.  If a Staff member finds you unresponsive for 2 minutes while you are gathering resources, you will be jailed for 7 days on first offense, and banned after the 2nd.
    • Unattended macroing to gain skill (skills tab) is allowed.
  3. Clients and Gameplay Assistants 
    • You may only login to the shard via our Launcher, utilizing ClassicUO, Razor (regular) or Steam gameplay assistants.
    • We do not prohibit the use of the 2D Classic Client or the 3D Client but recommend against it. This may be enforced at a later date.
    • Other permitted tools include UOAM and Ultima Mapper. FPS Patcher is allowed.
    • Sallos, Veritas, speedhacks, UO Extreme, EasyUO, Gear, AssistUO, Adrenaline, RazorEnhanced, ClassicAssist, Stealth, Orion and Cheat Engine or any other client or program/application than what is included with our Launcher or available on our website are not allowed.
    • Any program/application which allows you to gain unfair advantage over other players or the system are illegal. Players found to be using unsupported clients or other means of gameplay will be banned.
  4. Character names are unique and on a first-come/first-served basis.
    • Please choose non-offensive, non-sexual and non-obscene character names. If you fail to do so, you will be asked to change your name, or have your name changed for you. If possible, please capitalize the first letter of your name. See NAMING GUIDELINES below.
  5. Language
    • The use of unlawful, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, sexually explicit, racially, ethnically or sexually derogatory language toward any other player or Staff, including real life threats or personal accusations is not permitted. As a community with a diverse range of players, kindly speak and post without the use of vulgarity. Users who abuse our language policy in-game will receive one warning, and then will be banned, with particular emphasis placed on the use of racial and homophobic slurs.
    • With particular note to the harassment or verbal assault of any Staff members, we have a zero tolerance rule. There is no reason for any player to ever verbally abuse a Staff member and it is expected that you will speak to them with respect. Action may be taken against players who consistently create a negative atmosphere. Players who continue to abuse this policy will be banned from the shard and community.
  6. You may not organize any guilds or groups based on any racist, sexist, anti-religious, anti-ethnic, anti-gay or any other hate-mongering philosophy. 
  7. Griefing & Doxxing: 
    •  Griefing:
      You will not do anything that interferes with the ability of other Imperium players to enjoy playing the game in accordance with its rules.
      This includes, but is not limited to: excessive verbal harassment, constant negativity, extreme vulgarity, intentionally trapping players in locations that force them to use the Help Stuck system to escape, blocking public moongates, dungeon moongates and dungeon level transitions with impassable objects, interfering with or blocking movement during shard wide Events beyond reason, using ghost scouts to monitor dungeons and specific spawns, repeated/systemic attempts to scam other players, and choosing obscene character names or guild titles.
    • Doxxing:
      Doxxing is one of the most heinous acts you can commit against a fellow community member.
      Doxxing is defined as searching for and publishing private or identifying information about a particular individual on the Internet, typically with malicious intent. You may not post or communicate any player’s real world personal information. Anyone found to be doxxing players or Staff of Imperium will be immediately banned from the shard.
  8. You may not impersonate any Imperium Staff representative in-game, in the community, or the internet at large. 
    • Doing so will result in an immediate and irreversible ban.
  9. You may not market, promote, advertise or make any other form of solicitation on the Imperium shard or through Imperium’s various forms of communication.
    • This includes promotion of other shards/servers/games. You are welcome to play wherever you like, but please limit your conversation regarding other shards or games to a minimum, or to the appropriate channels. Advertising other shards in-game is not allowed.
  10. You may not modify any part of the Imperium files that you are not specifically authorized to modify. 
    • You may not use the server’s files for any other purpose other than playing Imperium. If you are interested in using any of the in-game art assets (including map, art, hues, etc) please contact Alator directly. Much of the custom art is not available for re-use as only Alator has been given express permission by the authors.
  11. You will not exploit any bug you find on Imperium to gain unfair advantage in the game and if found, will not communicate the existence of any such bug to another player. 
    • All bugs must be shared immediately with the Administrator or Developer. Failure to do so will result in an immediate and irreversible ban of all associated accounts.
  12. Selling or trading in-game houses, items, accounts, skills, labor/time or gold for real world or crypto currency is NOT ALLOWED. 
    • All associated accounts found to be trading in real life currencies will be banned from Imperium.
  13. You may not use any part of the Imperium files, map or artwork for any other use than playing on Imperium.
    • By downloading the game files you agree that they are for your personal use only on the Imperium gaming service.
  14. You will not attempt to interfere with, hack into, or decipher any messages to or from the server running Imperium.
    • All access to the servers is logged. All hack attempts will be investigated and reported to the authorities. This will lead to your instant and permanent removal from the Imperium shard.
  15. You may not violate any local, state, national or international law or regulation. 
    • Imperium will not be held liable for its player’s actions, and will cooperate fully with any investigation by any law enforcement agency.


Discord & Forum Rules:

  1. All shard rules apply to all forms of communication.
  2. Political conversation of any type is not allowed, including current political events and activities.
  3. Discussion regarding other (active) shards is not allowed.


Imperium Character & Pet Naming Guidelines:

This policy applies to characters, pets, items and other in-game naming methods.

Please capitalize the first letter of your name.

You are encouraged to choose a name that represents your character in the way you want to be seen. However, we also ask that good discretion be used when choosing names for characters, guilds, titles, houses, pets, or any other item or entity in-game which can be custom-named. Examples of inappropriate names include, but are not limited to:

  1. Any name that violates the Rules of Imperium. This includes names that are racially motivated, sexually graphic, anatomical and excretory references, hateful, defamatory, ethnically derogatory, in reference to hate groups, or any other names that would be offensive in nature including homonyms. Simply, if your name defames any demographic or is in poor taste you are likely to be disciplined.
  2. Any name that is defamatory or attempts to defame the reputation of another account holder, or a Staff member of Imperium. The use of derogatory, defamatory or offensive content in conjunction with names of famous or important historical, political or religious figures. Names of modern era serial killers or anyone, or group who have committed crimes against humanity in the past 100 years, or any name that is closely connected with these acts.
  3. Any name involving a combination of words that produces an offensive result. Masked profanity or slang which denotes offensive terms. Misspellings, phonetic spellings, word combinations, or alternative spellings of any names that violate the above rules in an attempt to circumvent them.
  4. Any name that is an unintelligible combination of letters. Garbled names such as “asfkjhlafkh” and naming multiple characters with variations of a word such as “OMGgggGggGgGgg” and “OMGggGgGGg” which seek to only to gain an advantage in PvP by scrambling voice communication/targeting.  

An inappropriate name may subject you to disciplinary action, most likely resulting in a request to rename yourself, up to and including termination of your Imperium account for repeat offenders.

Overall, we encourage you to be creative and mindful of your naming in-game. This helps to foster a creative and enjoyable gaming environment. Understandably in the UO community this may be an upstream battle, but we implore you to try your best to be a mature member of our gaming community.

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