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Experience the game that started it all – triumph and failure, risk versus reward. Imperium is packed with custom content, but we’re constantly refining all other content.


All of our systems (EA or ServUO-based) are heavily customized, rewritten to fit our needs, and are bug-free. We offer a little bit of everything, for everyone.


Guaranteed monthly publishes (mostly weekly), that is sure to keep content fresh and intriguing for new and veteran players alike. New spawns, new systems, new goodies.


Stable core, 99% uptime,  & professional sites. Driven and spirited Staff team. Our community is always evolving, and a perfect place to call home.

About Imperium

Imperium focuses on combining the very “best” of everything under one massive setting. Player feedback and research is a big part of this process. We don’t claim to have everything perfected but we do continue to actively work towards that goal. Our Staff is dedicated, driven, professional and strives to provide new content (as well as manage issues with current content) on a daily basis. Imperium is inspired by the roots of Ultima Online: a friendly community that provides a little bit of everything for everyone; provided for the players, by the players.

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Absolute Control

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On Imperium, you can do anything, be anyone, at any given time. No restrictive templates, no leading mandatory quests, and never any required time investment. As you evolve, so too will the community around you. Personal skill actually matters here! Build a home, create a guild, overtake a faction.. your choices never end. You have complete control over your world and your experiences.
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Conquer The World

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Do it alone, or join the ranks of a guild with your friends. We've made a number of significant improvements to the guild system to make teamwork an unparalleled experience. Take over a city, establish government, levy tax and wage war on all who oppose you. If you opt to go it alone, all of the spoils belong to you! Every move you make today, will decide your future of tomorrow.
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Who Will You Be?

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Keeping with the latest expansions, you're able to select between any Race (Human, Elf, or Gargoyle), and be whomever you want to be. Create, build, and maintain your character in an immersive world that you'll live and BE in. Be a Tamer, Craftsman, Trader, Explorer, Fisherman, Shop Owner, Treasure Hunter... you can even opt to hunt down other players for their heads. Anything is possible!
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